Course Information
2 Year General Japanese Course
Our course is ideal for:

・International students who wish to study at higher education institutions, such as universities, graduate schools, and technical colleges

・Those who wish to find a job in Japan.

・Anyone who wishes to improve their Japanese language proficiency

Contents The course is aiming at improving 4 skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing) comprehensively and is also ideal for preparation for university entrance examinations and Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). You are able to study in the classe that corresponds to your level of Japanese. Our excellent teaching staff help you to achieve your goals with high-level teaching and career counselling.
Number of school days 5 days a week
Course Duration 2 years
School Hours

Morning Class 9:20~12:40

Afternoon Class 13:20~16:40

Entrance April & October
Class Levels
Elementary Intermediate Advanced

The class aims to complete daily conversation level of Japanese

Studying Hiragana & Katakana, and basic grammar & Kanji, you will learn Japanese that is required for daily life.

The class is designed to learn basic Japanese and to improve communication skill and practical skill, through role playing and pair works.

The class goal is to pass JLPT N4 – N3.

You will continue to practice reading, speaking, reading and writing of Elementary level. The class is designed to build up vocabulary and Kanji by reading more complicated articles and to learn comprehensive practical skills of Japanese.

You are expected to acquire a skill to express your opinions logically in various situations using natural expressions.

The class also provides preparation programme for EJU.

The goal is to pass JLPT N2 and to acquire more than 200 points in EJU.

The class aims to learn more advanced Japanese.

The class is designed to learn sufficient skills of communication, listening, writing and reading to study at a higher education institute or to work in Japan.

Articles from newspaper or magazines are used as learning materials. You are expected to learn skills to comprehend more difficult level of Japanese and to state your opinions using considerate expressions.

The class also provides preparation programme to acquire a high score in EJU.

The goal is to pass JLPT N1 and to acquire more than 300 points in EJU.