From Application to Entrance
STEP 1 Submission of Application Documents, Payment of Screening Fee
Please make sure to send all required documents for application to Iris Japanese Language School and pay the screening fee to our bank account by the deadline.
STEP 2 Screening Application Documents (by school)

After receiving your documents, we examine them and decide acceptance or rejection.

We issue ‘Admission Permit’ for successful applicants and send forward the documens to the Immigration Bureau.

STEP 3 Examining Documents (by Immigration Bureau)
Issue of ‘Certificate of Eligibility’
After examining the documents, the Immigration Bureau issue a ‘Certificate of Eligibility.’
STEP 4 Payment of Tuition Fee
Sending Documents to Applicants
We inform the applicants of the results. The successful applicants (or agents) are expected to pay the entrance fees and tuition fees (including other charges) to our bank account. On receipt of payment we send ‘Certificate of Eligibility’, ‘Admision Permit’, and a schedule for new students to the successful applicants.’
STEP 5 Application for Visa
Issue of Visa
Application for Students Domitory
Arrangement of Air Ticke

If you need to be picked up at the airport, or need school accommodation, please fiil in the form and send by fax as soon as possible.

When you have acquired a visa from Japanese Embassy in your country and booked a flight to Japan, please inform us of your arrival date in Japan. You are strongly advised to arrive in Japan on our designated day.

STEP 6 Coming to Japan

A member of our staff meets you at the airport if you wish.

STEP 7 Enrollment in Iris Japanese Language School
Orientation, Course starts!
Application Guidelines